The Star collection rocking horses are very immersive like real mates. The rocking horses made from exotic Saman tree (Abizia saman) by our wood carving masters.

Thanks to the handcrafting every rocking horse is an individual piece, non of them are exactly the same!

The Star collection rocking horses in both aesthetical and functional way can be a real ornament of your living room or nursery. The accessorization is excellent: leatherette bridle, comfortable saddle, metal stirrup, synthetic or wooden hair. 

Our steed just waiting for to get a true joy to someone!

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Hintaló színe: 
Éger barna
Sörény színe: 
Szintetikus, barna színű sörény
Nyereg típusa: 
Műbőr nyereg alátéttel
Műbőr kantár
Fém kengyel
35 cm
103 cm
93 cm